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Anonymous asked: "Do you know how many years Jay Park and Gina Choi relationship last? and What year is it?"

they weren’t in a relationship, as far as i know. they are friends.

breezykpop asked: "Who is gina choi? Is she famous?"

she’s a korean idol singer.

kaihun asked: "Hey! where can I watch 4gaji show with eng subs? :)"

english subs are not available yet. when they are, i’ll probably try to post it. =)

Jay Park birthday countdown

D-9 → Joker Jay

Jay Park’s frank remarks on prioritizing loyalty and happiness over money



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Anonymous asked: "who are all Jay's ex girlfriends?(other than gina choi)"

oh, we don’t even know if gina choi is an ex, lol… we don’t have confirmation of any of jay’s exes. >_<

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Anonymous asked: "did jay and thais film a kiss scene ? They talked about one but there wasn't a kiss in the mv -metronome-"

i don’t know if they filmed one, but if they did, then i guess it didn’t make it into the final cut of the music video.

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140415 - Mnet The 4 Things Show (Episode 1 - Jay Park)
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Jay Park Spills on Why He Established AOMG

Jay Park revealed the story behind establishing his own hip-hop label AOMG (Above Ordinary Music Group) and joining hands with Simon D.

During recent filming of Mnet’s 4gaji Show, Jay Park started, “I wanted to do something fun with the people I like.”

He continued, “If Simon D or I wanted to make money, we would’ve joined an agency. But right now, sharing what I like with others and making new things are more enjoyable for me. I have many mouths to feed as the co-CEO. I will be working hard on everything.”

Jay Park Spills on Why He Established AOMG

The staff of the show commented, “24 hours with Jay Park and AOMG was like a rugby ball that could bounce in any direction and was something you have never seen before.”

After establishing AOMG last year, Jay Park recruited hip-hop musicians and producers such as Gray and Loco. He then joined hands with Simon D as the co-CEO this year, launching various activities.

Meanwhile, Mnet’s new program 4gaji Show is a star documentary program that shows four different perspectives behind a star′s life. The first episode is set to air on April 15.

Photo credit: HNS HQ, Mnet

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Shin Dongyup dishes on Jay Park’s real personality



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